Club Events/Races 2017

March Sun 12th Lea Valley CC 25* E2/25B 09:00:00
April Sat 8th Lea Valley CC 25* E2/25 14:00:00
  Tues 18th Brickendon Green Club Room Opens and start of club activities   19:00:00
May Sun 7th Club Two-up (Brickendon Green) F7/10 10:30:00
  Tues 9th Start of Brickendon Evening 10 Series F7/10 19:15:00
  Sat 13th Memorial Trophy 25 (Guilden Morden)* F14/25 11:00:00
  Sun 14th Norland TT Combine 50* F1B/50 06:00:00
  Sat 20th North Norfolk Wheelers CC 100* B100/9 12:00:00
  Sun 21st Maldon and District CC 50* E21/50 07:00:00
  Sat 27th Hitchin Nomads CC 25* F14/25 14:00:00
  Mon 29th North Road Circuit races Hog Hill 10:00:00
June Sun 11th Chelmer CC 25* E9/25 08:00:00
  Sun 11th Kent CA 100* Q100 06:00:00
  Sun 11th Newbury RC 12 Hour* H12H/8 07:00:00
  Sun 18th ECCA 100* E2/100 04:45:00
  Sat t24th API Metrow 25 E2/25 14:00:00
  Sun 25th Hemel Hempstead CC 25* F13/25 07:00:00
  Sun 25th Kent CA 12 Hour* Q12 06:00:00
July Sun 2nd Finsbury Park CC 50* F10/50 06:00:00
  Sat 15th Shaftsbury CC 50* E2/50c 14:00:00
  Sun 16th The Kenneth Lush Memorial Road Race (Eastern Road Race League) Elmdon 08:30:00
  Sun 16th East District CA 100* B100/4 06:00:00
  Sun 16th RTTC National 14 Hour (Mersea RC)* D24HR 13:00:00
  Sun 23rd Verulam CC 25* F1B/25 06:30:00
  Sun 30th CC Breckland 12 Hour* B/12/2 06:00:00
August Tues 8th Athlete's Brickendon and end of Evening 10 Series F7/10 19:15:00
  Sun 13th RTTC National 12 Hour (ECCA)* E2/12HR 05:00:00
  Sun 13th Finsbury Park CC 25* F1B/25 07:00:00
  Sun 20th CC London 25* F10/25 07:00:00
  Tues 29th Last Brickendon Green Club Night    
Sept Sat 9th Stevenage CC 25* F14/25 14:00:00
  Sun 10th Bidlake CC Memorial Sporting 36* H36/18 10:00:00
  Sun 17th Cambridge CC 25* F2A/25 09:00:00
Oct Sun 1st Club Hardriders (Brickendon Green) F7/10 x 2 10:30:00
  Sun 15th Club Hillclimb (Digswell) F6Z/H 10:30:00
Nov Sat 11th Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation Brickendon Grange Golf Club 19:00:00
Dec Sun 3rd Christmas Lunch Northaw 13:00:00
  Sun 10th Christmas 10 (Brickendon Green) F7/10 10:30:00
Feb-18 Sun 25th Hardriders 25 F7 08:00:00
  Sun 25th Annual General Meeting after Hardriders  

N.B. Events marked* are open events, results in which count towards club events. Open events must be entered using a CTT entry form which must be with the organiser 12 days before the event (ie a week Tuesday). Organiser details can be found in the CTT Handbook. CTT Handbooks can be ordered via, you can also download entry forms from this site.

If you have any questions about the above events or how to enter them, please contact the Time Trial Secretary.