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Sunday, 03 March 2013
Name Tom Clarke
Nickname (if any)  -
Age 23   
Years cycling Bought my first road bike under two years ago.
Joined club Autumn 2012
Where do you live Enfield
Favourite rider and why Magnus Backstedt. Weighs 200lbs, has won the Paris Roubaix and set up a coffee company. What a hero.
How would you describe your riding style Big and ugly
Cycling Strengths Power
Cycling Weaknesses Handling
Favourite ride From my Mum's flat in Sheffield to my Grandparent's house in Stockport. Straight through the peaks along the Snakes Pass. Hard to beat when the weather is good. Hard not to cry when the weather is bad.
Best race performance (if any) Haven't raced much yet but managed to do 24 minutes on my first ever 10 mile tt on a road bike last year. That'll do for now.
Best day on a bike My first proper ride on a road bike. The sun was out, I was with my best mate and I grinned uncontrollably from start to finish. It was so simple back then!
Worst day on a bike First sportive of this season in the peaks. I was flying at the front after 30 miles having started about 50 places back. Then a rear tyre blow out saw me sat at the side of a dual carriageway for 2 hours.
Most embarrassing cycling moment Cycling into a bush whilst attempting to make a rude gesture at a land rover that had just cut me up.
Best training tip Pyramid sessions on the turbo/cross trainer before breakfast.
Cycling food Dried fruit and energy bars.
Best/Worst Crash Head first into the tarmac half way down Carbone Hill. Went into hypoxic shock, unconscious for half an hour and got myself a decent set of scars. I'd tell you why it happened but it's all a bit of a blur.
Dream bike Boardman Air 9.8
Favourite cycling saying We were supposed to take it easy!
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