How to enter the Memorial 25 on 17th May
Written by chris Githero   
Wednesday, 16 April 2014
The Memorial 25 is an open event so you will need to enter it by the deadline of 7th May.  The cost is £9.00.

If you intend to enter other open time trials, the best method is by doing an Internet entry.  Here is a link to the CTT website which explains the process: http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/Home/tabid/36/itemid/3127/Default.aspx

Alternatively just complete a CTT entry form and send it to me with a cheque for £9.00 made out to North Road Cycling Club.  The entry form is attached 
If you don't want to ride, please offer to marshal or help with the results or catering

Chris Glthero
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Club 2-up - Sunday 6th April 2014
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 07 April 2014

Pos.     Riders                                                              Club                                        Time 

1          Pierce McGrenaghan & Jobe Usher               North Road CC                                    22.48
2          Anthony Collier & Howard Sladen                  Hoddesdon Tri                                    24.20
3          Howard Schroeder & Mark Dawe                   NRCC & Cambridge CC                       26.26
4          Reece Barclay & Chris Price                           Hoddesdon Tri                                    27.28
5          Ian Clay & Chris Glithero                                North Road CC                                    27.35
6          Dave & Joe Kiely                                             North Road CC                                    27.36
7          Alex Edwards & Christian Manzi                    Welwyn Wheelers                              27.59
8          Ian Brinkley & Ian Wilkinson                          Hoddesdon Tri                                    28.05
9          Gavin Babbage & Tim Saban                          North Road CC                                    28.28
10        Lucy Charles & Natasha Pack                         Hoddesdon Tri                                    29.44
11        Ivana Prokopova & John Rochester                North Road CC                                    30.08
12        George Clark & Paul Groves                           North Road CC                                    31.17
13        Paul & Hollie Bailey                                        North Road CC                                    32.36
14        Emma Bush & Dave Raymen                          Hoddesdon Tri                                    35.41
15        Abigail & Ian Coles                                         North Road CC                                    35.50
16        Sara Alleyne & Dawn Collins                          Hoddesdon Tri                                    35.55 


1          Mark Jenkins                                                   North Road CC                                    24.47
2          Richard Somerset                                           North Road CC                                    27.46
3          Steve Childs                                                    Hoddesdon Tri                                    32.42 

The Timekeeper’s View 

“Don’t panic” were the initial words as Annabel and I viewed the cars and riders in the car park at Brickendon Village Hall.    It looked as if there had been a clash of events as no familiar faces were to be seen but no!   It was our first event of the season and Hoddesdon Tri had filled our ranks to start their season as well.    Signs to be put out, signing on to do,handwriting to be deciphered, money to be collected, change to be found for the inevitable £20 notes, questions to be answered and all the time the clock was ticking to the start time at 10.30.   Mark Jenkins, the new time trial secretary, had brought his family so mother Kathleen helped Annabel with refreshments, partner Dinah volunteered to take numbers as the riders crossed the line and daughters Amy and Isabelle helped and North Road members made themselves useful. 

Riders were despatched shortly after the advertised start time and there were a few minutes to catch one’s breath before the onerous task of recording finishing times.    The rain almost held off so the timekeeper was happy and recorder Dinah ably completed her first NRCC task, and the riders appeared happy with their times especially some of the younger riders.  Some of the older riders perhaps thought why do we do this?  Annabel and Kathleen were in charge in the kitchen and did a good trade in cakes, biscuits and hot drinks and shortly after noon the hall was locked and peace returned to the village green at Brickendon.     

Another NRCC season had started happily!  

Graham Thompson

Club Events/Races 2014
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Thursday, 20 March 2014
Club events and races for 2014 have been updated.

Club Runs

Meet at bus stop near Hertford North train station at 9.30 Sunday mornings, move off at 9.40.