North Road C C Hill Climb (New Road, Digswell)

Sun 16 Oct 2016

Fourteen (ten of whom were North Roaders) brave souls laughed in the face of the weather gods and pitted themselves against the hill that is Digswell.

On a very wet morning Nick Candy romped to victory with a time of 2 minutes 40 seconds.

1 Nick Candy 2.40
2 Jamie Anderson 2.46
3 Glyn Dodds 2.47
4 Jobe Usher 3.00
5 Chris Dixon 3.23
6 Sam Watling 3.26
7 Nigel Cameron 3.31
8 Pete Lee 3.35
9 Ivana Prokopova 3.48
10 Andrea Perry 4.08
  Jamie Dene 2.46
  Paul Stewart 3.27
  Lawrence Dans 3.05
  Pete Howarth 3.20

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