Long Distance Time Trial - by Peter Horsfield

Long-distance Time-trial

by Peter Horsfield

Solitary long-distance rider,
A singular breed of survivor,
Time-trial an addiction,
Compelling affliction,
Incomprehensible to an outsider.

The helpers at cycle-race feed
Hand up sponges to riders at speed.
Down hill and round bend,
At narrow lane end,
To marshal; T-junction; take heed.

The gale, bending sideways the bushes,
Buffets rider off-line as he pushes,
Crouching low on his bike,
Trying hardest to psych
Himself up; wind behind him, he whooshes.

O’er rough roads with pot-holes, wheels clatter,
At times he would wish the tyres fatter,
After hours of jolting,
In conditions revolting,
The target no longer will matter.

And so to the finishing circuit,
The end of the time-trial to make it.
Last resources to muster,
Spectators they cluster,
Encouragement shouting: You’ve done it!

Back at headquarters, the sharing
Of stories; the helping and caring,
Hardships o’ercome,
Honours been won,
Thoughts towards next event bearing.

The challenge of organisation,
Such hard work and dedication,
Many skills to deploy,
Making day to enjoy,
Group commitment to sport; revelation.

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