North Road C C Christmas ‘10’ – Sunday 15 December 2013

Mon 13 Jan 2014

 North Road C C Christmas ‘10’ – Sunday 15 December 2013


1   Roger Fogg   24.36
2   Paul McGrath   24.50
3   Frank Rawlins   25.53
4   Paul Bailey   26.55
5   Andrew Bywater   29.37
6   Jim Ewers   30.08
7   Chris Glithero   30.09
8   Ivana Prokopova   32.14
2 Up TT        
1   Jobe Usher and Pierce McGrenaghan   27.27
2   Hugo Evans and Derek Evans   28.2
1   Ian Brinkley  H A Tri 28.06
2   Ian Wilkinson H A Tri 28.32


View from the Verge


 A bright start to the day soon gave way to dull and drear conditions with damp roads. 

14 riders faced the timekeeper who was assisted by Nick Harris to launch them from the uphill start.   There were many other people on the road getting in the miles in preparation for the festive season and there were club members at the start including Nigel Cameron and John Rochester and various family members to greet and welcome into the village hall.    Here Annabel Thompson and June Lacey took care of the teas and mince pies to engender the Christmas spirit.     All seemed happy with the day and some went home with the promise to go faster in 2014.



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