North Road CC - 25 Mile Time Trial - Course F14/12

Sat 13 May 2017

Club event results

Handicaps set by Graham Thompson

The Open Event incorporated a Club Event for which we had 9 riders of which 8 finished. It was not a good day for Chris Dixon who for a reason not known to me had a late start and then had the misfortune to run off the road coming into Guilden Morden on the second circuit. Experience tells me to allow plenty of time to get from the HQ to the start and do not attempt to go through sharp corners on tri-bars.

Daniel Ryan proved to be the fastest followed home by Nick Candy who got under the magic hour for the first time, catching the handicapper off guard. The secret of a good handicapper is to get all the riders finishing on the same time but a spread of five and half minutes is a fair result.

Being occupied with the result board precluded me from getting up the road to see the riders in action but my brain was put to the test calculating the plus and minus times for the veterans. It is not an easy exercise working in minutes and seconds - sixty is the difference which keeps the brain busy - and near the end of the event I was informed that the computer is programmed to do these calculations!

This was another good promotion by Chris Glithero supported by among others Gilda, Jeff, Jobe, Andrea, Frank, Nick, Adrian, Nigel, George, Ken and others around the course.

From the comfort of my home I have now viewed the result on the CTT website and I am happy to report that Dan Ryan finished in 5th position and that Nick Candy earned himself a 12th place. The winner took 53.41 to get round the two circuits on a  course which is never easy. The OS map gives the impression that it is flat but there are some hard drags despite the gift downhill mile from the start. Certainly not a drag strip.

Graham Thompson

 No Rider Time Handicap Handicap Veteran Veteran

Allowance Time Standard Plus or

` Time Minus



1 Daniel Ryan 56.53 Scratch 56.53 -----------------------------

2 Nicholas Candy 59.20 6 mins 53.20 ----------------------------

3 Peter Nunn 1.01.33 5 mins 56.33 1.06.26 + 4.53

4 Michael Atkinson 1.02.22 7 mins 55.22 ----------------------------

5 Chris Symonds 1.04.40 9 mins 55.40 1.06.39 + 1.59

6 Glyn Dodds 1.05.10 10 mins 55.10 1.07.38 + 2.28

7 John Saysell 1.05.47 10 mins 55.47 1.08.14 + 2.27

8 Dale Sellers 1.12.54 14 mins 58.54 1.08.52 - 4.02

- Chris Dixon D.N.F 12 mins ------- 1.09.05 --------