Herts Wheelers 200km Audax

Sun 05 Jun 2016

5 counties, 208 km, 1 pint

Glyn Teare, Ian Clay and myself set off, a bit late, on the Herts Wheelers annual jaunt around the highest points in five counties. Cool and misty at the start but the sun came out mid-morning and temperatures rose to a fairly pleasant roasting.

It follows a well thought out route that heads out through Tring into the Chilterns and back, then North to Barkway, along some very pleasant lanes. Never having done an Audax before, I was assiduous in completing the brevet card until I realised that no-one actually cares.

At the Chilterns Visitor Centre, the half-way point, I 'let' the other two head off at their natural pace which is a lot faster than mine. Later I caught up a few stragglers at Emily's where the temptation to head straight home was almost too much, but my new companions forced me to continue. In return I made them stop at the Blind Fiddler in Anstey for a pint of high-carb energy drink.

Back at HQ the Wheelers provided a feast and the services of a masseuse, both of which I was too knackered to partake of, but a kind thought all the same. For the marshalls and other helpers, it's a very long day, and we should be grateful that our events are relatively short time trials.

Chris Dixon