Brickendon 10, Wk 3, 23rd May 2017

Tue 23 May 2017

Nick steals it

The Club was blessed with a fine warm evening for the 22 riders and helpers.

Thanks goes to Michael Atkinson, Ian Clay, Rachel Coles, Jobe Usher and Andy Lancaster and especially Rachel who was press ganged into looking after the refreshments.

Peter Nunn told me that he was hoping to get down to his personal best this year as he recorded 21.36 in May 1993 in these events but he will have to watch Nick Candy, Dan Ryan and Jobe Usher. These four appear to be the leading riders so far this season. Looking at the Gazette for that year there is no mention of these evening events, being regarded as not to be taken too seriously and perhaps just training.

I referred to my cycling diaries. There were certainly events as on 11 May 1993 I recorded 24.35 and Peter Nunn was fastest in 21.36. A week later I managed 25.43 compared to Lyndon Povey's 22.06. I was working in those days and I can recall the hurried drive from Epping to reach the start in time - no signing on in those days.

Then it was home to Stevenage where Annabel had a late supper waiting for us.

Next week I will look back to my relative youth to see how I fared in the evening 10s in 1963. Lyndon Povey, grandson of long time NRCC member Eric Povey, came on the scene, recorded some exceptional TT times, such talent and then just disappeared from the racing scene. "Been there and done that" attitude should be banned!

Your humble reporter - Graham Thompson.

Pos. Rider Time

1 Nick Candy 21.45
2 Dan Ryan 21.57
3 Peter Nunn 22.03
4 Glyn Dodds 24.08
5 Dave Green 24.17
6 John Saysell 24.27
7 Peter Lee 24.44
8 Mat Clarkson 25.06
9 Chris Dixon 26.26
10 Dale Sellers 26.44
11 Ivana Prokopova 26.46
12 Dave Candy 27.33
13 Chris Glithero 28.34
14 Will Tyrer 30.08
15 Abigail Coles 33.20
16 Paul Groves 35.37
-- Jobe Usher (Puncture) D.N.F


1 Joe Fry Bike Channel Canyon 20.47
2 Karl Willis Herts Rouleur RC 20.50
3 Richard Webster Green Arrow CRT 23.00
4 Simon Best Fullgas RT 24.06
5 Andrew Hughes Come & Try It 24.57