Brickendon 10, Wk 13, 31st July 2018

Tue 31 Jul 2018

Brickendon 10, Wk 13, 31st July 2018

Nurse! Mr Thompson needs his medicine.

Photo: Ian Turner


Pos. Rider Time

1 Nick Candy 20.31

2 Pete Nunn 21.36

3 Mat Clarkson 23.20

4 Tony May 23.25

5 Chris Symonds 23.29

6 John Saysell 24.12

7 Neil Lewis 25.15

8 John Watkins 25.19

9 Martin Quinn 25.47

10 Ivana Prokopova 26.00

11 Chris Dixon 26.14

12 Danny Faulkner 26.19

13 Andrew Hadfield 26.30

14 Nikki Chandler 28.12

15 Chris Glithero 28.52

16 Paul Groves 34.37



1 Karl Willis Herts RouleursRC 20.48

2 Richard Thornton Welwyn Whs 24.12

3 Tracy van der Merwe Finchley RT 24.35

4 Paul Lee Come & Try It 24.39

5 Jose Martinez Come & Try It 25.13

6 Stevan Rolls Come & Try It 25.56

7 Franco Manzi Finchley RT 26.55

8 Faith Jackson-Lee Come & Try It 28.42

9 Pixie Thornton Welwyn Whs 30.08


View from the Timekeeper's Chair

I often think that I would like to have a ride in the NR Evening '10' as it looks so easy and it is not even a full 10 miles. All down hill to the lower road at Hertford and it is quite pleasant riding west with even some welcome shade from the trees and then there is the left turn into Robins Nest Hill, such a beguiling and attractive name for a cruel way up to Berkhamsted. The first yards (mind the grit and loose stones) are not too bad but it gets harder (no small gears yet) and then it does get hard ( small gears now) and finally very hard (bottom gear now) and it is walking pace with just sufficient momentum not to grind to a halt. I am conscious that others are passing me even asking if I am alright (not really I say to myself) and I have still not found any slower riders. So slowly onwards as I pass the war memorial, The Three Horseshoes, note the evening cricket match (it seems a more civilised and relaxed sport at this juncture) along the undulations past The Beehive and the welcome sharp left turn for Bayford and home. This is it: down hill and the big ring for the right turn at the Bayford war memorial - this is easy down to Bayford Station and a sprint up the hill to the finish but then I am aware it is steep, too steep, and through dimmed vision I see a black cowled figure with a lantern and a scythe keeping pace with me. The finish is at the top of the hill so I tell him to go away as the finish is coming in sight and also it is not time now as I have a lot yet to do with the words "You are in charge now at No 19, look after yourself and don't do anything silly" from one far more sensible than me at the back of my mind. Why am I being silly? Be sensible and act your age! Back to the real world as I hear a voice from the far side of the road calling out that was number 5, and write down the figures on the watch face of 28.18 - not a bad time of 23.18 for a 61 year old. It was wishful thinking, pleasant while it lasted but I will sit in the chair, hold on to the watch and look forward to the cakes and tea at Brickendon Hall.

In the real world familiar names filled the top spots with Tracy from Finchley RT chuffed with her personal best of 24.35. Conversation at the finish covered the London to Dunwich night ride, the wet weather, no moon light and the return ride with mention of triathlon events. Two events on 7th and 14th August 7 pm start to complete the series for 2018.

Graham Thompson