Brickendon 10, Wk 6, 13th June 2017

Tue 13 Jun 2017

PBs set on a warm and still evening

After last week's cancellation due to bad weather, a balmy evening made for some good times. It looked as if the lack of helpers would be stretched to get the show on the road but the non riders rallied round the timekeeper to cover all the vital tasks. Nick Candy was the best of the NRers but the guest riders took the fastest times. Now for the history lesson.

'10s' were traditionally club events held in the evening for training and fun. I can recall only ever riding one open event and this was held on Saturday on the Leaden Roding to Dunmow Road in the 1980s. Ladies' records start in 1952 while their championships date from 1978 with the corresponding dates for men being 1972 and 1994. Current records are 18.36 (32.25 mph) for ladies 16.35 (36.18 mph) for men.

Famous names to look out for include Burton, Shaw, Houvenghel, Jones and McGregor for the ladies and Hutchinson, Wiggins, Yates, Dowsett and Bialobocki who won the Ken Lush Memorial Road Race in 2010 for the men. So if one can get round the current course (actually 9.3 miles) for our evening events in under 20 minutes it is serious and I imagine it hurts. Gradually over the years '10s' have taken on a new dimension! I will keep to timing the events.

Pos. Rider Time

1 Nick Candy (includes 12 sec late start) 21.44

2 Michael Atkinson 23.01

3 Dave Green 23.27

4 John Saysell 23.38

5 Peter Lee 23.41

6 Ashley Glass 24.07

7 Andrew Harbourne 24.12

8 Chris Dixon 25.52

9 Dave Candy 26.03

10 David Perry 26.55

11 Ivana Prokopova 27.18

12 Chris Glithero 27.44

13 Nikki Chandler 29.10

14 Will Tyrer 29.40

15 Paul Groves 31.36


1 Oliver Stockwell Welwyn Wheelers 20.44

2 Anthony Collier Hoddesdon Tri 22.08

3 Joe Kiely Welwyn Wheelers 22.19

4 Richard Webster Green Arrow CRT 22.49

5 Simon Best Fullgas RT 23.56

6 Chris Price Hoddesdon Tri 24.27

7 Peter Walton Herts Whs 24.50

8 David Shannon Islington CC 25.54

9 Chris Stevens Finsbury Park CC 26.45

10 Tom Sharples Welwyn Wheelers 30.25


Graham Thompson