Brickendon 10, Wk 9, 3rd July 2018

Tue 03 Jul 2018

Nick goes round in under 20

North Road C C - Evening '10' - 1900 hours 3rd July 2018


Pos. Rider Time


1 Nick Candy 19.48

2 Peter Nunn 22.04

3 Tony May 23.20

4 Steve Blackwell 23.35

5 Michael Atkinson 25.26

6 Ivana Prokopova 25.53

7 Nuala Robinson 26.39

8 Nikki Chandler 28.24




1 Karl Willis Herts Rouleurs CC 21.12

2 James Moss Nuun Sigma Sport 22.05

3 Simon Robinson Herts Rouleurs CC 22.18

4 Tracy van der Merwe Finchley RT 24.57

5 Steve Watson Herts Whs 26.01

6 Stevan Rolls Come & Try It 27.33


View from the Timekeeper's Chair


A reduced field due to another event being held in Russia made for an easier duty for the timekeeper. He was able to say to himself that one time was fast: congratulations to Nick Candy for a sub 20 minute ride and a personal best.

International events may have one reporting in many languages. Thus fast is rapide, presto, schnell, rapido, cyflym, luath, snabbt or rychly!

On a more mundane but vital level help was provided by Gwyn and John Watkins, Ian Clay, Andrea Davies, Nikki Chandler, Ivana Propokova and Peter Nunn and others. Reading the times it was a good warm evening as the average times were better than usual so you couch sportsmen stir your legs and get out here where the action is. The big event starts in France at the weekend so press the record button and get to Brickendon Green for some exercise.


Graham Thompson