Brickendon 10, Wk 10, 10th July 2018

Tue 10 Jul 2018

Nunn in a corset gets the winning habit

North Road CC - Evening '10' - 1900 hours 10th July 2018


Pos. Rider Time

1= Peter Nunn 21.20

1= Nick Candy 21.20

3 Dan Ryan 21.51

4 Dave Green 22.22

5 Tony May 23.05

6 Mat Clarkson 23.30

7 John Saysell 24.00

8 John Watkins 25.13

9 James Moss 25.14

10 Paul Bailey 25.54

11 Ivana Prokopova 26.01

12 Ray Thorn 27.13

13 Chris Glithero 29.48

14 Paul Groves 34.41


Two Up TT

Martin & Ryan Quinn NRCC & Welwyn Whs 31.04



1 Karl Willis Herts Rouleurs RC 20.40

2 Cam Gutteridge Finchley RT 22.49

3 Tracy van der Merwe Finchley RT 25.02

4 Steve Watson Herts Whs 26.04

5 Stevan Rolls Come & Try It 26.19


View from the Timekeeper's Chair

A quiet evening doubtless due to another event taking place further east but nevertheless some interesting matters to keep the helpers and onlookers amused.

Slippery skinsuits, long socks, food and drink supplements to take seconds off times were discussed plus riders having machines for training, time trials, road races, track, cyclo-cross, all terrain, mountains, downhill and now gravel and the growing popularity of electric bikes. This is a far cry from my distant youthful days when I splurged (my parents' word) my life savings circa 1950 on one lightweight Holdsworth Cyclone frame and parts. This was used for all cycling until I bought a Claud Butler frame in a sale when living in Glasgow - I recall the bus conductor was not overly enthusiastic with my new purchase when I travelled home from work. Shakespeare had some words which can be put to our sport:

 "The spirit of the time shall teach me speed - I never quite touched true speed! Too late now alas!"

Graham Thompson