North Road C C - Evening '10' - 9th July 2019

Tue 09 Jul 2019

Nunn shall pass

Pos. Rider Time 

1 Peter Nunn 22.11

2 James Moss 22.21

3 Ian Turner 22.41

4 Chris Symonds 23.21

5 Tony May 23.29

6 Michael Atkinson 24.08

7 Jobe Usher 24.46

8 John Saysell 25.19

9 Kevin Hillcoat 25.37

10 Nuala Robinson 25.50

11 Andrew Hadfield 25.51

12 Chris Dixon 26.10

13 Dale Sellers 26.20

14 Ivana Prokopova 27.10

15 Nikki Chandler 28.27

16 Paul Groves 35.15



 1 Karl Willis Herts RRC 20.40

2 Christopher Wedge Whitewebbs CC 21.03

3 Mark Allen CC London 24.30

4 Michael Schofield Bishops Stortford CC 24.51

5 Simon Best Full Gas RT 24.55

6 Paul Huckstep Hoddesdon Tri Club 25.36

7 Matthew Pembroke Come & Try It 26.35

8 Jacqueline Simpson Hoddesdon Tri Club 32.45


Scene from the Grass Verge

In the days of long ago when I rode on the way home from work the weather always seemed to be windy and cold but not so this evening when sitting in the timekeeper's chair there appeared to be a flat calm and warm. Again the Club was out manoeuvred by the visitors who provided the two fastest riders of the evening. As I approach yet another birthday I investigated the ages of the riders. The oldest is 68 and the youngest is 25 and there are 19 veterans aged 40 plus with only five aged under 40 years, which is perhaps not a good omen for the future of time trialling. The average age is nearly 46 and if you study the start card for an open event the majority of riders are veterans. This has the effect of creating difficulties for promoting clubs to find persons to fill essential posts such as timekeepers, marshals and many others. Not so many cyclists race now compared to previous decades yet judging by the weekends on the roads there are more riders enjoying themselves. 2019 has been a good NR year in this respect as there have been many willing helpers for the '10s' on Tuesday evenings at Brickendon.

Graham Thompson