North Road Cycling Club - Evening '10' - 2 July 2019

Tue 02 Jul 2019

Turner gets the prize

Pos. Rider Time


1 Ian Turner Ist Veteran 22.37

2 James Moss 22.42

3 Michael Atkinson 23.01

4 Tony May 23.30

5 Glyn Dodds 24.05

6 Nuala Robinson Ist Lady 24.47

7 Jobe Usher 25.47

8 John Watkins 25.50

9 Kevin Hillcoat 26.10

10 Andrew Hadfield 26.47

11 Chris Dixon 27.20

12 Ivana Prokopova 27.59

13 Abigail Coles 28.59

14 Paul Groves 35.32




1 Christopher Wedge Whitewebbs CC 21.22

2 James Moss Nuun Sigma Sport 21.32

3 Brian Shephard GS Henley 23.50

4 Paul Huckstep Hoddesdon Tri Club 25.04

5 Peter Walton Herts Whs CC 25.51

6 Simon Best Full Gas RT 26.56


2upTT Martin and Ryan Quinn NRCC/Welwyn Whs 28.11


Scene from the Grass Verge

The guests took the honours with the two best times of the evening but the real heroine was Abigail Coles with a personal best of 28.59. Abi has been trying for some years to get below thirty minutes and her infectious smile showed that she had finally triumphed and in front of her mother! Two riders on the comeback trail: Jobe Usher well below his best so it can only get better from now onwards and Chris Dixon outside his best after missing events with a broken arm. A warm and still evening (at the start and finish at least) gave riders the opportunity to produce some good times. Familiar faces applied themselves to support the riders from Ian i/c of signs, Gwyn and Graham i/c of start & finish, Andrea and Pete i/c refreshments, June and Paul i/c numbers and money to several others in the background helping to make the evening a success.

Graham Thompson