North Road C C - Evening '10' - 20th August 2019

Tue 20 Aug 2019

And the winner is.... Oscar

Pos. Rider Time

1 Nick Candy 21.44

2 Glyn Dodds 23.55

3 Ian Clay 24.57

4 Eric Paillet 24.59

5 Anthony Taylor 26.32

6 Kevin Hillcoat 26.36

7 Chris Dixon 26.41

8 John Watkins 27.05

9 Ivana Prokopova 27.27

10 Nikki Chandler 29.07

11 Abigail Coles 30.57

12 Paul Groves 34.52

13 Graham Potter 39.03



1 Oscar Nilssen-Julien Velo Club Londres 19.05

2 Oli Stockwell Team Ribble 19.18

3 Karl Willis Herts RRC 20.17

4 Dermot Kealey Finchley RT 22.35

5 James Johnson Welwyn Whs 26.01

6 Alison Hinds Welwyn Whs 27.28

- Alex Labey Come & Try It D N F


Scene from the Grass Verge

At the finish a first voice said: Grandad, time to bow out!

At the finish a second voice said: Now come on boys: show how it is done!

The final event of the series proved to be a fast evening although NRers were hampered in that this was dubbed The Athletes 10 when modern contrivances are not permitted. Nick Candy returned after an absence of some weeks to top the leader board for the NR but the guests showed how to do it in style. Oscar set a new course and event record with 19.05 and Oli was not far behind with 19.18, both juniors with regular Karl upholding the honour of the senior riders. 19.05 gives an average speed of 29.24 mph so on the downhill sections the speed would have been in excess of 40 mph and the hills of Robin's Nest and the finish were reduced to mere slopes. It has been a pleasure to time the events and especially to enjoy the camaraderie in the Village Hall. Too many to list individually but many have helped and provided refreshments this season for which the Club and especially the timekeeper are truly thankful. The visitors from other clubs have commented upon the happy atmosphere engendered at our events so keep up the good work.

Graham Thompson