North Road CC - Evening '10' TT - 13th August 2019

Tue 13 Aug 2019

Nurse! They've got out again! The Brexit generation take to the streets.

Pos. Rider Time

1 Dan Ryan 21.53

2 Peter Nunn 22.17

3 James Moss 22.49

4 Ian Coles 24.52

5 Kevin Hillcoat 25.41

6 Eric Paillet 26.14

7 John Watkins 26.15

8 Anthony Taylor 26.16

9 Ivana Prokopova 27.04

10 Chris Dixon 27.28

11 Chris Glithero 27.54

12 John Carroll 28.23

13 Paul Bailey 29.00

14 Nikki Chandler 29.07

15 Abigail Coles 29.43

16 Paul Groves 36.01

17 Graham Thompson 38.27

18 Graham Potter 39.31


1 Karl Willis Herts Roulers RC 20.09

2 Christopher Wedge Whitewebbs CC 21.39

3 Sam Clarfield LeaValley Youth CC 21.40

4 Paul Huckstep Hoddesdon Tri Club 24.56

5 Adam Spector Ross & Dist CC 26.04


Scene from the Road

This was an aberration (Ger. anomalie Fr. Deviation) as I discovered on the road to Robin's Nest Hill and beyond. A programme of rides to tea rooms at Whitwell, Walkern and Rushden Mill End and a short excursion along Pembridge Lane is no substitute for training! I was hardly out of Brickendon before the first rider passed me followed by another (some members are now out of favour). My sight would not adjust to the low bright sun and the shade under the trees, my gears were too low for the initial downhill swoop and this definitely was not a good idea. Robin's Nest was not as bad as feared but the small rise near The Beehive taken in top gear nearly proved my undoing. Here my minute man could be seen but on the downhill to Bayford he had the better of me. Revenge is sweet and I had him just before of the finish. 22 other riders, 2 to catch, 20 to pass me. Only 1 caught, 14 passed me, 7 finished after me. Plenty of excuses, not a personal triumph and bottom of the class. My thanks go to Ian Clay for very capably holding the watches plus putting out the signs, the refreshment team, riders who gave shouts of encouragement, and apologies to many friends with whom I had disjointed conversations at the Village Hall. My common sense has returned so I will return to the timekeeper's chair next week.


Graham Thompson