Saturday Rides

Various North Road CC group rides leave from Hertford or nearby every Saturday morning

We meet at the Golden Griffin pub car park in Welwyn Road, Hertford (opposite Sele School) for a prompt departure at 9:30am. 

As with all our groups, rides are decided on the day or arranged via Discord. There are several Discord channels for fast, medium and social groups. New members will be directed towards the appropriate group. 

Slow and medium groups ride for about 3½ hours with a cafe stop, slow group at about 15mph, medium group at 17mph.

Fast group rides tend to be around three hours at 19+mph with no cafe stop, although this varies according to who turns up. A coffee stop once back in Hertford is a fairly regular occurrence.

The rides are mostly social in nature, but are longer and usually at a more challenging pace than our Sunday Club Runs, so are ideal for training for sportives or other events, as well as just getting out on your bike over the weekend. If you are new to cycling these rides will be a great way to learn about riding in a group from more experienced riders. Routes and destinations are usually decided by consensus on the day, mostly heading North to explore the lanes and cafes of Hertfordshire, although forays East into Essex and West to the Chilterns also do creep onto the agenda, particularly in the summer months.

Rides may be shorter in bad weather and if you have them available, it's a very good idea to use mudguards when it is wet. Rides still go ahead through the winter, although the average speeds tend to drop by 1mph or so

Please read our guide to group riding.

Club Runs

Taking up or returning to cycling?

Join us on a Sunday club run.

We meet from 9:20am on Sunday mornings at Highway Cycles, Hartham Lane, Hertford SG14 1QN, by the coffee kiosk. Rides get underway from 9.40am, and are usually between 20 and 40 miles to a cafe and back.

There's more info in our Club Runs page,

Group Riding

If you're new to riding in a group, read our handy guide on how to stay safe.

Reporting Potholes

Reporting potholes to the council gets them fixed faster and could prevent an accident.