Junior membership

The club has activities that can be enjoyed by both juniors and juveniles, principally our Club Runs and club Time Trials.

We have a policy on Juvenile and Junior members that parents should read before first sending their child along to any club activity. A completed Parental Consent Form (PDF) is also needed for U18 riders.

For a more structured introduction to cycling, Hertfordshire’s primary cycling clubs for younger cyclists are Welwyn Wheelers and Green Arrow.

Guidance for Junior Members


This version of the North Roads Cycling Club (NRCC) Junior Member guidelines is updated in line with NRCC’s policy.

NRCC regards riders aged below 18 as important to the future of the sport, and it is the club’s collective wish that young riders should be able to join NRCC rides and events.


Juniors = 16 and 17

Juveniles = under 16

Parents = include guardian or nearest adult relative

Juniors and juveniles are treated separately.

General guidelines

Although NRCC wishes to welcome Junior riders it is not a cycling club aimed at developing Juniors. NRCC does not have the infrastructure to support Junior riders.

NRCC is a club that promotes ‘fast and long distance cycling on the Great North and other Roads’. All events run by NRCC are likely to have a physically demanding aspect. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform themselves of the type of event and decide whether the junior is capable of achieving that.

Club Rides


A junior rider who is a member of the club must have a parental consent form signed as part of the joining process, and delivered to the Club’s membership Secretary. This will give general consent to the named Junior rider undertaking rides with NRCC. This consent form is on NRCC’s website.

The parent will have in return received a copy of our general set of guidelines for child participation.

If a junior rider is a non-member but wishes to participate in an NRCC event, they must have the appropriate consent form signed by a parent.

If a non-member Junior rider turns up to an NRCC event without the appropriate consent form signed the young rider should NOT be allowed to join the ride.

On a club event; the ride leader or organiser will as far as possible assess whether the Junior rider is properly equipped to undertake and sufficiently able to complete the ride and will make it his or her best endeavor to ensure that:

1. The Junior rider is never left behind or otherwise allowed to get lost.

2. The Junior rider should not be left to ride in the company of just one rider,

3. The Junior rider is returned to Hertford or a dropping off place from which he or she is happy to make his or her way back home. Parents will have received in our general guidelines an explanation of how club rides re-entering the town break up into ones and twos going home.

All senior riders should understand that they have a duty of care to Junior riders and support the ride leader. Senior riders should attempt to avoid being on their own with the Junior rider however it is understood that this might happen on occasion, for example accompanying the Junior home. It is noted that NRCC club events are run in a public environment.

Clearly inappropriate relationships with a Junior Rider of either sex must not be formed, and any inappropriate sexual behavior towards a Junior must immediately be reported to the Club Welfare Officer. All club members have a duty of care towards each other and the Junior Rider.


1. Any Junior who turns up on a bicycle that is unsuitable to the purpose or in an unroadworthy condition, then the junior should not be allowed to participate in the ride. It is not recommended that the ride leader attempt to repair the cycle prior to the event unless they are a competent to do so. Time spent is also a consideration. Note that although the onus is on the ride leader to make the appropriate decision if issues arise the Club does not expect the ride leader to make anything else other than a visual inspection of the junior and his / her cycle. As above it is expected that all riders support the ride leader in this.

2. Helmets are compulsory for junior riders whilst riding their bicycle on any NRCC event.


Juvenile riders should be accompanied on club rides by a parent, or coach recognised by the parents or other responsible adult known to and approved by the parents and by NRCC. The appropriate signed consent form should also be provided to the event organiser. This adult is to act in loco parentis. The club would expect this adult to show reasonable control over the Juvenile rider under his or her care. This superintending adult may at any time opt to leave the club ride and ride alone with the Juvenile (for instance, to take a shorter route home).


The superintending adult should be responsible for the bicycle ridden by the Juvenile; however the mandatory helmet rule does still apply.

Time Trials


Juniors should have joined the club before attempting a time trial therefore will have filled in the annual North Road consent form. In order to compete in an Time Trial the Junior rider should fill in the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) consent form and provide that to the event organiser. The Junior rider’s parent must contact the Time Trial Secretary beforehand. NRCC would prefer the parent to be present at the event. The Time Trial Secretary should inform the event timekeeper that a Junior will be riding. All our club courses are open to Junior riders’ participation.


Riders under the age of 16 may only participate in time trials when a parent is present to allow the ride in whatever conditions of light, traffic or weather are then prevailing. The Juvenile must fill in both the NRCC consent form and the CTT consent form.


To summarise, although NRCC wishes to encourage young riders it does not have the infrastructure to support them. The onus of support therefore must fall onto the parent or designated adult.

For further information contact one of the club officials listed here.

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Club Runs

Taking up or returning to cycling?

Join us on a Sunday club run.

We meet from 9:20am on Sunday mornings at Highway Cycles, Hartham Lane, Hertford SG14 1QN, by the coffee kiosk. Rides get underway from 9.40am, and are usually between 20 and 40 miles to a cafe and back.

There's more info in our Club Runs page,

Group Riding

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