Sunday Club Runs

The North Road organises social group rides which leave Hertford on Sunday mornings, heading to a pre-arranged cafe at a steady and conversational pace.

We meet from 9:20am on Sunday mornings at Highway Cycles, Hartham Lane, Hertford SG14 1QN, where there is a coffee kiosk for a pre-ride caffeine boost. Rides get underway from 9.40am

These rides are the Club's primary social activity and as such everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. The pace will always be comfortable for the slowest rider, to ensure nobody is left behind. Members usually ride up any hills at their own pace, but will wait to allow the group to reform at or just after the top, when there is a safe place. The main purpose of these rides is for everyone to enjoy each others company and the scenery, not forgetting the coffee and cake of course!

We encourage new or prospective members to come along as these rides are a great introduction to group riding, with no need to worry about the pace as it will be tailored to whoever is present. Group riding can be a daunting prospect, but you'll be greeted with a friendly atmosphere and any advice you might require to ensure you have an enjoyable day out. Please read our guide to group riding.

Rides are usually led by Club Captain Nigel Cameron, with help from Vice Captains Dan Tarry, Del Evans or Ian Coles. Please listen out for any instructions regarding pacing, direction or possible hazards and pass along information to other riders as necessary in order to keep the group together.

It is often the case that some riders will start to pick up the pace a little in the last few miles of the return leg to Hertford. Let other riders know if you are not comfortable with it and somebody will stay with you all the way.

The popularity of these rides has boomed in recent years and we now regularly have quite large groups meeting at the start. When this is the case, we will often split into two or three separate groups depending on ability. The start will be slightly staggered to ensure there is enough separation between groups on the road and faster groups will usually take a slightly longer route to the cafe to arrive at roughly the same time.

If you have them available, mudguards are a worthwhile addition to any bicycle in the winter months, making rides much more pleasant for you and other riders in the group when it is wet.

See the Calendar page for ride destinations or contact Nigel Cameron for more details.

Map of meetup location ( 9:20am on Sunday mornings at Bean and Gone Coffee, Hartham Lane, Hertford SG14 1QN):

Club Runs

Taking up or returning to cycling?

Join us on a Sunday club run.

We meet from 9:20am on Sunday mornings at Highway Cycles, Hartham Lane, Hertford SG14 1QN, by the coffee kiosk. Rides get underway from 9.40am, and are usually between 20 and 40 miles to a cafe and back.

There's more info in our Club Runs page,

Group Riding

If you're new to riding in a group, read our handy guide on how to stay safe.

Reporting Potholes

Reporting potholes to the council gets them fixed faster and could prevent an accident.