Maldon Hilly 20 TT - 1/3/09

Mon 02 Mar 2009

Maldon Hilly 20 TT, course E18/20 - Sunday 1st March 2009

Winner - Dean Lubin (PCA Ciclos Uno) 48:42

Somewhat further down the list at 26 - Jeff Robinson (North Road)  56:34

62 riders on start sheet – 1 North Roader

A near perfect (albeit 7 deg C), windless and dry day.  The course seemed actually more rolling than hilly with several long drags and a few quite short lumps. Certainly, nothing of the ilk of last week’s Hardriders!   Despite that trivial fact, it was certainly not easy (like riding a bike ever is), and on the evidence of my Garmin; a total climb of 405 m would seem to support the shredded feeling  in my legs at the end, despite appearances.

I am really looking forward to next week’s Hainault Hilly – NOT. At least I am not the lone North Roader in that event!!

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