Brickendon 10, Wk 13, 1st August 2017

Tue 01 Aug 2017

Ryan tonight

Pos. Rider Time


1 Dan Ryan 21.29

2 Nick Candy 21.57

3 Jobe Usher 22.30

4 Michael Atkinson 22.43

5 Ian Turner 23.06

6 Mat Clarkson 24.05

7 John Saysell 24.32

8 Dagmar Pfeifer 24.48

9 Peter Lee 25.17

10 Chris Dixon 26.03

11 Ivana Prokopova 27.14

12 Anthony Taylor 28.42

13 Nikki Chandler 28.44

14 James Tyrer 29.08

15 Paul Groves 33.11

16 Hollie Bailey 37.17



1 Pierce McGrenaghan Finchley RT 21.54

2 Ben Lewis Finchley Park CC 22.31

3 Simon Best Full Gas RT 24.24

4 Tracy van der Merwe Finchley RT 26.25

5 Chris Stevens Finsbury Park CC 27.12



Toby Hunt & Simon Bubbear Lampard RC & Welwyn Whs 20.04


From the Timekeeper's Chair: there were road works at Brickendon Green to negotiate plus a strong breeze to contest but all went well with four machines covering the course in under 22 minutes. Gwyn Watkins was busy at the start and finish, Nikki Chandler rode and helped in the kitchen, Paul Groves rode and collected the numbers and Jobe Usher rode and fulfilled his time trial duties.

The Brickendon circuit falls short of 10 miles so any times do not register for the Ladies 10 mile cup or for club records. I believe that this cup has not been awarded for the past three years due to lack of competition so ladies find an open or another club event to enter and show us what you can do to get your name on the cup for 2017. There are plenty of events for you - there are about three months to the end of the racing season. Trophies look better on display instead of being kept in an attic!

The current club record is 23.11 set by Leigh Taylor (nee Harvey) in 2006.

The Club could extend the Brickendon circuit to 10 miles but this would require a safe finish point at the other end of the village or preferably the club could run an event for members on an approved 10 miles course. Two timekeepers would probably be required. Reading the CTT 2017 Handbook there are courses within the district and there are plenty of open events which could be nominated for members.

Just a thought! Graham Thompson