Brickendon 10, Wk 15, 14th August 2018

Tue 14 Aug 2018

Folder and wiser on the last Brickendon of the year


Pos. Rider Time

1 Michael Atkinson 24.28

2 Mat Clarkson 24.36

3 James Moss 25.15

4 Anthony Taylor 25.37

5 Andrew Hadfield 25.50

6 Stevan Rolls 26.10

7= James Cross 26.12

7= Paul Bailey 26.12

9 John Watkins 26.39

10 Nuala Robinson 27.22

11 Ivana Propokova 27.25

12 Andy Muir 27.31

13 Nikki Chandler 28.35

14 Chris Glithero 28.37

15 Chris Dixon 29.42

16 Abigail Coles 34.26

17 Paul Groves 34.38



1 Nick Kenyon-Muir Herts Whs 24.04

2 David Shannon Islington CC 25.52

3 Steve Watson Herts Whs 26.48

4 Bill Caton Whitewebbs CC 31.46


View from the Timekeeper's Chair

This was the final event of the 2018 series which has been termed the "athletes" 10 when modern equipment such as tribars, aero helmets and the like are banished to the sidelines. I have a garage full of machines from the 1960s and upwards so I suppose that I should have ridden! No checks were made on the machines but reliance was based on the natural honesty of North Roaders. One brave soul went over the course on a Brompton and bettered 30 minutes. The watch told no lies - times were noticeably slower tonight. The timekeeper's duties were much lighter this season thanks to the multitude of helpers which was in contrast to several years in the past when the timekeeper and his good lady opened the hall and locked up afterwards having done all the jobs in between. Also thanks to those riders who helped in the hall. The timekeeper must be better at his work now as he can recall when one rider always challenged him on the accuracy of the watches. When challenged said rider admitted it was only a wind up (no pun intended). All ended well as we can now joke about the old times, him sell and me buy equipment as my credit is good, and tell him that it is high time I acquired a modern machine. Anyway I am looking at catalogues, gazing at some shiny stuff and still dreaming of going faster! let's rephrase that to going less slow! The season has along way to go to Christmas.

Graham Thompson