Brickendon 10, Wk 2, 15th May 2018

Tue 15 May 2018

Quick Nick

North Road C C Evening '10' on 15th May 2018

Pos. Rider Time

1 Nicholas Candy 20.45

2 Peter Nunn 22.25

3 Dave Green 22.39

4 Tony May 23.14

5 Michael Atkinson 23.20

6 Andrew Harbourne 23.23

7 Mat Clarkson 24.11

8 Glyn Dodds 24.22

9 Peter Lee 24.59

10 John Saysell 25.33

11 Paul Bailey 25.37

12 Dale Sellers 26.54

13 Ivana Prokopova 27.23

14 John Watkins 27.24

15 Nikki Chandler 27.51

16 Nuala Robinson 27.53

17= Andrea Davies 29.16

17= Will Tyer 29.16

19 Paul Groves 34.01

20 Abigail Coles 34.49




1 Joe Gorman Stevenage CC 20.52

2 Karl Willis Herts RRC 21.26

3 Simon Robinson Herts RRC 23.04

4 Carl Fiford Islington CC 23.22

5 Simon Best Full Gas RT 26.05

6 Mark Allen CC London 26.32

7 James Moss Come & Try It 27.46


View from the Timekeeper's Chair

Credit goes to Nikki Chandler for refreshments, Ian Clay for dealing with the signage, Gwyn Watkins for help at the start and finish, Erol Salih as pusher-off with help from Ian Clay and the unknown persons collecting numbers at the HQ and tidying the kitchen. Peter Nunn has stepped in to help with the collation of points for the Ken Davis Salver and any other problems which may arise.

The weather was kind to us again. Nick Candy showed a vanishing wheel to all riders although keep an eye on Joe Gorman, the guest from Stevenage. One guest rider making a come back remarked that there were not many names from past years so all your laggards stir from the couch. Come and ride and enjoy the social occasion once the hard work has been done around the circuit. Some of us have been there since the dawn of time and will possibly be there forever! First in and last out!

Graham Thompson