North Road C C - Evening '10' - 14th May 2019 - Result and report

Tue 14 May 2019

A nasty accident on Robins Nest Hill

 Pos. Rider Time

1 Nick Candy 20.35

2 Dave Green 23.27

3 Michael Atkinson 23.42

4 Ian Turner 23.49

5 Tony May 24.07

6 Glyn Dodds 24.49

7 Nikki Chandler 29.03

8 John Carroll 29.36

9 Abi Coles 31.41

10 Paul Groves 35.44



1 Joe Kiely Welwyn Whs 21.17

2 Simon Best Full Gas RT 29.25


2 Up TT Martin Quinn (NRCC) & Ryan Quinn (Welwyn Whs) 28.11


Scene from the Grass Verge

A fine sunny warm evening but becoming chilly as the sun began to sink promised a good evening. There were plenty of helpers so all was set fair. I recorded the above times when news of an incident on Robins Nest Hill filtered through to the finish. It was learnt that Tim Brown had been in collision with a moped rider descending the hill not in control of the vehicle. I will make no comment as it may be misinterpreted! The riders first on the escene (Dale Sellers, Karl Willis and Peter Nunn) stopped to give help. An ambulance and the police were called to the scene as the Tim's injuries appeared to be serious. Tim was admitted to the Lister Hospital Stevenage and the next day had an operation to reset broken arm bones. Several other riders stopped to help and were unable to finish the event - Paul Bailey, Dan Ryan, Nuala Robinson, Mark Allen, Eric Paillet, Tom Foy and Anthony Taylor. All NRers and guests send best wishes to Tim for a speedy and full recovery and hope to see him on the road again soon.

Graham Thompson