North road C C - Evening '10' - 18 June 2019

Tue 18 Jun 2019

We all miss the chance for a podium place - I bet Paul Groves is gutted

Pos. Rider Time

1 Ian Turner 23.17

2 Dale Sellers 27.05


Scene from the Grass Verge

The scene from the grass verge was not good. It was pouring with rain when I set out from home and it was equally wet when I returned home, but luckily there was a nearly dry interlude for the two riders. Ian and Dale had the distinction of making up the smallest field since I have been involved in the evening '10' series, either riding, helping or timing since the 1980s. Helpers greatly outnumbered the riders, and with such a small field I moved the start & finish to the HQ at the Village Hall as in days of yore. Warnings were given to the riders to beware of puddles which can hide potholes and with Chris Froome's accident in mind to keep their hands on the bars at all times. There are some strange club names now but the "Mum! Look No Hands" must be the oddest so perhaps a name change is in the offing. I would offer "Children! Keep hands on the Bars". I have never mastered the trick of riding with no hands and I always wonder at riders who remove or put on racing capes on the move, stuff old newspapers up jerseys at the start of Alpine descents or steady themselves gripping a moving car whilst the mechanic makes an adjustment to their machine. Safety is a good price to pay to keep out of trouble! I wish Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas speedy recovery from their recent travails.

Graham Thompson