North road C c - Evening '10' - 25th June 2019

Tue 25 Jun 2019

Timekeeper all at sea while Robinson cruises home

Pos. Rider Time


1 Nick Candy 1st Senior 20.13

2 Ian Turner 1st veteran 22.48

3 Tony May 23.30

4 Chris Symonds 23.33

5 Glyn Dodds 24.02

6 Nuala Robinson 1st Lady 24.24

7 Michael Atkinson 24.48

8 John Saysell 25.00

9 Kevin Hillcoat 25.34

10 John Watkins 25.36

11 Andrew Hadfield 25.54

12 Chris Glithero 27.28

13 Ivana Prokopova 27.44

14 Abigail Coles 30.13

15 Paul Groves 34.50




1 Andy Hastings Haste CC 19.43

2 Karl Willis Herts RCC 20.50

3 Christopher Wedge Whitewebbs CC 21.26

4 Joe Kiely Welwyn Whs 21.29

5 Tracy van der Merwe Finchley RT 25.26

6 Mark Allen CC London 25.51


Scene from the Grass Verge

A dry evening produced some fast times although the home club was outgunned by the visitors: one sub 22 minute ride compared by four from the visitors. The ride of the evening was a personal best of 24.24 from Nuala Robinson which is half a minute improvement. Plenty of helpers and spectators provided a lively evening with special thanks to Andrea Davies and Pete Lee for handling the refreshments and to Gwyn Watkins at the start and finish for being his customary cheerful self beside recording the riders' numbers on the finish line. There was a surfeit of conversation by the timekeeper's chair. This makes concentration difficult and I had to correct two of the provisional times in the quiet of my study on return home. Apologies to the riders as one finds himself two minutes faster and the other four seconds slower.

Others are welcome to test their capabilities holding the watches - if you make an error the rider will soon tell you as each rider has her or his own timepiece now.

Gone are the days of Ingersoll watches on handlebars!

Graham Thompson