North Road CC Hill Climb – 2022

Sun 09 Oct 2022

North Road CC Hill Climb – 2022

The cycling world was rocked to its cleats today by a case of mechanical doping at the North Road Hill Climb

Suspicions were raised amongst spectators by the sight of one rider with his feet on the handlebars lazily eating bananas as he whirred uphill. Close inspection of his machine revealed a concealed electric motor, but when challenged, he defended himself with the preposterous excuse that his wife had won it in a raffle.

His clever ruse of recording a mediocre time also failed, leading some to speculate on just how slow he'd have been on a proper bike. However, he did do the pushing off, so maybe we can let him off a bit.

Well done to Jamie Anderson for defending his Hill Champion crown with a terrific time of 2:47, 40 seconds faster than second placed unfancied outsider Chris Dixon. Ivana Prokopova led the women home in third place, beating the shame-faced fraudster by a second.

Thank you to Gilda, Debbie and Nikki for providing delicious and restorative refreshments at the top, to Graham Potter and Nick Harris for timekeeping, ***** ******* for pushing off, and to all those upstanding members who have pledged to defend the traditional values of the club by competing fairly in the true spirit of our noble sport.

Official results:

1. Jamie Anderson 2:47
2. Chris Dixon 3:26
3. Iva Prokopova 3:36
4. John Saysell 3:44
5. Dan Flitterman 4:09
6. Nikki Chandler 4:36
7. Chris Glithero 4:39
8. Paul Bailey 4:46


Separated into another category 

Nigel Cameron 3:37