North Road Hardriders Feb 2023

Sun 26 Feb 2023

North Road Hardriders Feb 2023

A bright morning and every inch of the course in use

To welcome the new organising team, the roadworks gods kept away, and on a bright, chilly day, the North Road Hardriders continued to provide the thrills and spills we have come to love. There was a little frost, and a damp patch on the Epping Green corner caused a couple of riders to hit the tarmac, but both completed the course. 

£100 first prizes were on offer, not to mention the Thistle Trophy, and 52 riders registered, the same number as last year, including 6 intrepid North Roaders. The number of young riders including several juniors and juveniles was especially pleasing and offered hope for the long-term future of the event at a time when entries at TTs are generally falling. 

Like last year, Jamie Anderson led the North Roaders home in 1:11:58, with very creditable times from Dan Brown, Jobe Usher, Martin Quinn and Abigail Coles. And like last year, Dan Tarry felt under the weather and wisely decided not to ride. There were four other DNSs. Youngster Abbey Thompson was the only DNF after a mechanical on Cucumber Lane, and thanks to Erol for returning her safely to HQ.

Josh Crow-Stewart (05/03) won the Thistle Trophy as faster rider, and the Mens first prize, in 1:02.09.  Not far behind were Ally Spiers (Harworth and District CC) in 1:03.22 and Freddie Checketts (LFGSS CC) in 1:03.45

Karine Jones (Verulam Really Moving) was fastest woman in 1:13:37, with Elspeth Grace (Cambridge CC) cursing (politely) a dropped chain that put her second by 22 seconds in 1:13.59. Third prize went to Alice Wood (Islington CC) in 1:20.31.

Fastest Veteran was Adrian Tovey of Maldon & District CC in 1:09:52,

Fastest Junior Jamie Bretton Stonham Barns Park - SYRT 1:15:32

Fastest Juvenile Leon Atkins Welwyn Wheelers 1:04:33 £ 20.00

Fastest Espoir Jack Rose Team Milton Keynes 1:24:41 £ 20.00

Fastest Team East London Velo Graham Galvin 1:10:56, Vincent Christan  1:10:16 and Rob Chaplin 1:13:29 

Fastest Veteran on Standard Graham Galvin East London Velo 0:02:33 

PositionFirst NameLast NameGenderCategoryClubTimeAvg. Speed
1 Josh Crow-Stewart Male Senior 05/03 1:02:09 24.135 Mph  
2 Alexander Speirs Male Senior Harworth and District Cycling Club 1:03:22 23.672 Mph  
3 Freddie Checketts Male Senior LFGSS CC 1:03:45 23.529 Mph  
4 Tom Elwood Male Senior CC London 1:04:14 23.352 Mph  
5 Leon Atkins Male Juvenile Welwyn Whs 1:04:33 23.238 Mph  
6 Sam Brown Male Senior 6AM Cycling 1:05:09 23.024 Mph  
7 Matthew Wight Male Senior Verulam Really Moving 1:06:33 22.539 Mph  
8 Tom Hale Male Senior Cambridge University CC 1:07:42 22.157 Mph  
9 David Ross Male Senior Elevate RT 1:08:03 22.043 Mph  
10 Andrew Jarratt Male Senior Finchley RT 1:09:17 21.65 Mph  
11 Adam Swan Male Senior CC Ashwell 1:09:36 21.552 Mph  
12 Adrian Tovey Male Vet Maldon & District CC 1:09:56 21.449 Mph  
13 Vincent Christan Male Senior East London Velo 1:10:16 21.347 Mph  
14 Graham Galvin Male Vet East London Velo 1:10:56 21.147 Mph  
15 Geoff Ewen Male Senior CC Ashwell 1:11:53 20.867 Mph  
16 Jamie Anderson Male Vet North Road CC 1:11:58 20.843 Mph  
17 Dermot Kealey Male Vet Finchley RT 1:12:22 20.728 Mph  
18 Alex Powell Male Senior Team Trident 1:13:06 20.52 Mph  
19 Dan Brown Male Senior North Road CC 1:13:27 20.422 Mph  
20 Rob Chaplin Male Vet East London Velo 1:13:29 20.413 Mph  
21 Karine Jones Female Vet Verulam Really Moving 1:13:37 20.376 Mph  
22 Duncan Godfrey Male Vet Team Trident 1:13:47 20.33 Mph  
23 Elspeth Grace Female Senior Cambridge CC 1:13:59 20.275 Mph  
24 Jobe Usher Male Senior North Road CC 1:14:19 20.184 Mph  
25 Hamish McDougall Male Senior Team Lifting Gear Products 1:15:33 19.854 Mph  
26 Jamie Bretton Male Junior Stonham Barns Park – SYRT 1:15:52 19.772 Mph  
27 Nicholas Palmer Male Senior CC London 1:16:19 19.655 Mph  
28 Nicholas Coe Male Vet Verulam Really Moving 1:16:56 19.497 Mph  
29 Graham Stogden Male Vet Verulam CC 1:17:02 19.472 Mph  
30 Sinclair Easton Male Vet CC London 1:17:14 19.422 Mph  
31 David Fitzgerald Male Vet CC London 1:17:24 19.38 Mph  
32 Mike Bridge Male Vet Verulam CC 1:17:51 19.268 Mph  
33 Martin Quinn Male Vet North Road CC 1:18:59 18.991 Mph  
34 Alice Elwood Female Senior Islington Cycling Club 1:20:31 18.63 Mph  
35 Adrian Lauchlan Male Vet Southgate CC 1:20:50 18.557 Mph  
36 Henrietta Broadway Female Senior CC London 1:22:34 18.167 Mph  
37 Jack Rose Male Espoir Team Milton Keynes 1:24:41 17.713 Mph  
38 Thomas Godfrey Male Juvenile Bedfordshire Road CC 1:25:56 17.455 Mph  
39 Crispin Henley Male Senior CC London 1:26:23 17.364 Mph  
40 Harry Weedon Male Espoir Cambridge University CC 1:26:24 17.361 Mph  
41 Janka Pekarova Female Vet CC London 1:26:31 17.338 Mph  
42 Peter Redshaw Male Vet CC London 1:27:08 17.215 Mph  
43 Nick Hickman Male Vet Team 1:32:23 16.237 Mph  
44 Edith Smith Female Juvenile Stonham Barns Park – SYRT 1:36:41 15.515 Mph  
45 Abigail Coles Female Senior North Road CC 1:36:52 15.485 Mph  
46 Sean McDougall Male Vet Icknield RC 1:38:28 15.234 Mph  
DNF Abbey Thompson Female Juvenile Stonham Barns Park – SYRT      
DNS Anton Blackie Male Senior Rapha Cycling Club      
DNS John Jones Male Vet Verulam Really Moving      
DNS Gregory Smith Male Vet Finsbury Park CC      
DNS Daniel Tarry Male Senior North Road CC      
DNS John Watson Male Vet Hitchin Nomads CC      


Thanks to all the organisers, helpers, marshals, timekeepers, caterers, photographers and riders, but especially to Neil Lewis. Neil took his leave after a decade of running this challenging event so brilliantly, with Graham Potter taking over as organiser.  Well done Graham for stepping in so ably, and good luck for the future. 

Photo: Ian Turner