Brickendon 10, Wk 6, 12th June 2018

Tue 12 Jun 2018

Hot Candy

Pos. Rider Time


1 Nick Candy 20.05

2 Peter Nunn 22.10

3 Tony May 23.09

4 Michael Atkinson 23.12

5 Tim Brown 23.46

6 Mat Clarkson 23.51

7 John Saysell 24.41

8 Anthony Taylor 25.22

9 John Watkins 25.36

10 James Moss 26.19

11 Ray Thorn 27.09

12 Ivana Prokopova 27.19

13 Nuala Robinson 27.26

14 Chris Glithero 27.56

15 Nikki Chandler 28.14

16 Will Tyrer 29.37

17 Abigail Coles 34.16

18 Paul Groves 34.51



1 Cam Gutteridge Finchley RT 22.09

2 David Shannon Islington CC 25.18


View from the Timekeeper's Chair

A fine evening saw Nick Candy record a personal best of 20.05 and Peter Nunn is establishing himself in the second spot with a season's best of 22.10. The ladies are improving with less than a minute separating the leading trio. Abigail Coles and Paul Groves brought up the Lanterne Rouge placings to complete another successful evening in the series.

The Club's gratitude is extended to Dale Sellers, Gwyn Watkins, Ian Clay, Paul Groves, Peter Nunn, Nikki Chandler, Errol Salih and Ian Turner for working behind the scenes to put the event on the road. Including the timekeeper there were nine members to tend to the needs of the twenty riders, who hopefully will return next week to Brickendon Green to go a little faster on this demanding (in places) circuit.

Graham Thompson