Club Two-Up, Brickendon

Sun 07 May 2017

Michael and John take the prize on a shortened course

Our time trial secretary had been very busy by the time of my arrival at the village hall at Brickendon Green. Jobe Usher had opened up the hall, put out the signs on the course, laid out the refreshments and prepared the paperwork for the signing on ritual by the riders.
Road works on the descent from Brickendon to Hertford, which had been in progress before the Hardriders 25 at the end of February, had not yet finished.

Jobe had revised the course by moving the start to the north side of the road works which entailed a short stretch before joining the Lower Essendon Road to follow the traditional route to Robins Nest Hill, Berkhamstead, Epping Green, Bayford and the usual finish by the tennis courts at Brickendon. The distance was approximate 6.6 miles with the loss of the swoop down to Hertford.

Jobe agreed to be the timekeeper at the start and I took on the timekeeper's role at the finish. Michael Atkinson had assisted Jobe with the preparations but to properly set up a time trial requires more than one or two members. The evening 10s start soon so the Club needs more helpers to run these events!

Michael Atkinson and John Saysell proved to be the fastest pair recording a time of 18.40 with the defending 2016 champions of Ivana Prokopova and Chris Dixon failing by two minutes to retain their title. The young brothers, James and Will Tyrer, finished with a creditable 24.05 and the solo Nikki Chandler completed the course in 24.07.

It was a good morning out to get our programme of club promotions off to a flying start although the conditions could have been less grey and cold. We had March weather in early May but as I set off for home the small patch of blue sky revealed a fine day for the afternoon. Sunday morning is given over to cyclists getting their weekend ration of fresh air and exercise but Sunday afternoon would have been more suitable for their endeavours.

(Some determined participants braved the chilly conditions to provide the Farmer's Boy with some welcome custom after the event... Ed.)

1 Michael Atkinson and John Saysell 18ms 40secs

2 Ivana Prokopova and Chris Dixon 20ms 40secs

3 Sam Watling and Dan Ryan 20ms 51secs

4 George Clark and Dale Sellers 22ms 57secs

5 James and Will Tyrer 24ms 05secs


1 Nikki Chandler 24ms 07secs


Graham Thompson