CC Hackney Primavera Circuit Races, Stratford Velopark

Sat 13 May 2017

Hugo and the cats

After his usual rail journey from Uni in Canterbury Hugo Evans was on the start line for the CC Hackney 1/2/3 circuit race on a dry and breezy day in East London.

With most of the guys racing being either 1st or 2nd cats a fast day was anticipated and so it turned out as the first cats made life difficult for everyone. Hugo spent some of the time towards the front sharing the workload with more illustrious riders from Nuun Sigma Sport, Velo UK RT, Wiggle Honda men's et al. Tactics played a major part with Sigma Sport sending riders up the road forcing others to work to bring them back, at the end a small group stayed away.

With an average race speed of just under 27mph Hugo finished strongly in the bunch, denied success by the experience of the sponsored rides around him.

Del Evans