Brickendon Two-up - Stage 1

Sun 16 Apr 2023

First stage of three stages of the Two-up multi-stage stage race staged

Three teams of North Roaders faced timekeeper Graham Potter.

Veteran track stars Brian Evans and John Saysell were last off and won with 24:29, second were Hugo Evans and Archie Southwell just seconds adrift in 24:36 and 3rd were Ashley Glass and Ivana Prokopova 29:35.

With the weather not being so cold, these times were about one minute faster than last year. John Saysell and Brian Evans have retained their title again, for another year. A large number of club members who were not riding the 10 joined us at the village hall for refreshments. Everyone then dispersed their own way, either to the Farmers Boy, others to watch the Amstel Gold Race.