Full Gas Winter Series 2

Sat 12 Nov 2016

Hugo in action at the Lea Valley Velopark, Stratford

Despite the wind and rain a sell out field was on the start line including North Road's Hugo Evans who was looking for only one more
point to gain his 2nd category licence in his first full season of racing.
With a strong field represented by numerous london riders a fast  pace was evident as more than a few riders were looking for late season BC points,average speed was over 25.5 mph pretty quick considering the wet circuit.Hugo stayed near the front for the duration keeping himself out of trouble and also marking any dangerous moves at the same time.
At Stratford positioning is paramount so Hugo was at the head of the race on the bell lap knowing that it was usually difficult for riders to move up on the superfast supercrazy last lap and so it was as he finished in 4th place ensuring his step up to 2nd cat racing for next season.