North Road C C Hill Climb (New Road, Digswell) – 2021

Sun 10 Oct 2021

North Road C C Hill Climb (New Road, Digswell) – 2021

Relative youngster Jamie Anderson beat the 2019 champion Glyn Dodds into second place, clocking an impressive sub-3 minute time.

Confusion reigned initially as there were traffic lights half way up the course but a system of time adjustments (in brackets) were agreed for those lucky enough to enjoy a half-time breather at a red light. 

1.    Jamie Anderson        2.41 (0.02)
2.    Glyn Dodds              3.01
3.    John Saysell             3.08 (0.37)
4.    Simon Bowyer          3.11 (0.44)
5.    Brian Evans              3.20 (0.17)
6.    Chris Dixon               3.28
7.    Dan Tarry                 3.41
8.    Ivana Prokopova       3.44   
9.    Nikki Chandler          4.12
10.  Chris Glithero           4.37 (0.05)

Big thanks for Chris G and Gilda, Nikki and Debbie for the campervan-based hospitality, Nick Harris for timekeeping, and helpers Jeff and Graham, as well as the hardy band of supporters on the course. There were the usual complaints about cyclists from a local resident who was escorted from the scene by police when his language got spicy, losing his hat and trousers in the process. Let's all hope we are never in his position ourselves.